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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

Star Wars: Return of the Right Hand

I started with a base of white for everyone, which may have been a mistake for Vader, but oh well! I carefully made the Empire's insignia with the black Hot Designs pen, fixing little bits with the white, same with the storm trooper, with Darth Vador, I use the brush side of the pen to do one layer of black over the white, then when it dried I carefully did the white details, I did two coats of the Big Money Frost for the base of Boba Fett, then did the red outline of this face with the Hot Designs pen, followed by three dashes above the right side with Sulfur Blaze, and finally finishing out the center and angled shadows of the helmet with the red Hot Designs pen. Finally, I made the red lightsaber with the black red and white Hot Designs pen. I did my best to stay steady, but I'm still not perfect using my off-hand. Darth Vader looks especially derpy...

derpy space star wars darth darth vader vader stormtrooper boba fett bounty hunter lightsaber
Xs imag1442 Cecilia Brown Lol It was tough doing that with my left hand. All of it! Thank you for your kind words even though he turned out super derpy!
Xs avatarfofo Kahaliah Woh ! My favorite is your thumb, that must have been so much work ! Don't worry for Vader, he is derpy anyway. ^^