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Background nail art by talented Nailpolis member, Kristin.

The Sims Plumbobs #2

So, not happy with my previous Plumbob Nails, I decided to redo them with Moonlight being my base, then I bought a set of three generic nail polishes at Target from their dollar spot and used those colors for my shimmery plumbob bases, then finished them off with a black outline for the plumbob shape.

dorkitude gemstones green plumbob yellow plumbob red plumbob green yellow red plumbob sims
Xs imag1442 Cecilia Brown I was really heavy into Sims 3 actually and the placement of the red plumbob was quite intentional, hehehe.
Xs avatarfofo Kahaliah I love those !! I just received my headphone/mouse pack by SteelSeries designed over the Sims 4, so you are right in the theme ! ;)